about your Appointment

About an appointment          

By Appointment only

There are two ways to make appointments.
1. Call
2. Direct appointments at the reception desk

1. Call
On your First visit By phone,Please tell us that it is your first time.We may ask you the necessary information such as "your name, the date and time of your request, your phone number, symptoms, and whether you have insurance."
Re-examination (since the second appointment) Please let us know your name, your doctor's card number, your desired date and time, and your doctor.

TEL: 03-5225-1291

Reception time: Mon・Wed・Sat 10:00 〜 17:00
                        Tue・Thurs       10:00 〜 19:00

About the Appointment Unit System

We will take three people for 30 minutes appointment. An appointment for "10:00" means an appointment starting "10:00 - 10:30".
For example, three people, A, B, and C, have made appointments for "10:00", but they will be in the same frame as three people.

On the day of the appointment, A, B, and C will be consulted in the order of arrival. The order of their arrival is C, A, B.

For example, if C finishes the 8-minute examination, the next A will the examination room at 10:08, and the latest B will be called at 10:25 when A finishes his session.

If you late in time

If your arrival is significantly delayed, we need to prioritize the patients arrive to clinic on time. We start the consultation with next 10:30 appointment patients after 10:30. Whne you are late, you may be given a consultation if we have time for you, in which case we may ask you to wait a long time, or ask you to reschedule your appointment.
Since B has arrived at 10:40, he enters the empty space after 10:30 frame.


I do not want to wait anymore! / I want to talk to my doctor more!

1. Try to come to our clinic on time. Even if you arrive early, you will have to wait until your scheduled time, depending on the reservation situation at that time.

2. Appointment Frame System (Yoyaku-waku)If you make an appointment at "30 minute Yoyaku-waku", you will be able to start your session on time and talk to your doctor for about 30 minutes at the time of your appointment.It costs you 5000JPY for 30 min. (insurance not covered) If you would like to start your session exactly on time or you are willing to spend more time with your time, please tell us the receptionists at the time of your sppointment.

Apology for your waiting

As much as possible we aim for consultation as scheduled, but in the following cases we may have to keep you waiting. I'm sorry. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

1. When we have a patient who needs hospitalization urgently and/or when we have a patient with a sudden change in physical and psychological condition, so that needs more time than a usual examination.

2. Before and after long holidays and long closings, appointments are more crowded than usual. In the case, more patients are accepted than usual appointment limit. In such cases, we will try quick consultation, but sometimes it may be delayed.