from the Director


Dorector Yu ABE M.D. Ph,.D

 It has been difficult for us to keep enough room in our mind in this information-oriented and high tech. world. Sometimes we loose our ways between cultures, when we experience new, different and complex cultures. However, we need to remember that the essentials of the society are always us, people.
We all need a place to pause and take a rest for new challenges. Our clinic would like to provide the place and time for your new steps.
    “Yui” stands for exchanging and helping each other. We expect our clinic to be the place we can unite and help each other.     For people who are exhausted at their work place, who forget how to smile in front of their family members, who despair in their relationships, and who have difficulties in adjustment into Japanese cultures and societies… Our clinic would provide mental supports for, from adolescent to elderly, as well as from Japanese to foreigners. It is important to prevent mental problems. Whenever you feel a deadlock, you are more than welcome to visit us.