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I give great consideration and respect to patient's feelings. I always try to keep in mind a simple, understandable, and polite medical consultation. I am specialized for general mental problems such as mood disorders, schizophrenia, and anxiety disorder. Please feel free to visit and have a consultation with me. I am in charge of English speaking patients with Japanese language barrier, on every other Monday.

Graduated from Kitasato university school of medicine. After the residency training at Kawasaki Municipal Hospital, entered to Keio university school of medicine, department of neuropsychiatry. Through the experience at metal hospital and some mental clinics, worked at this clinic from March in 2014. Psychiatry specialist.

Kentaro MATSUI M.D./Ph.,D.

I am responsible for English speaking people every other Saturday. My aim is to provide appropriate treatment according to individual needs. Please feel free to contact me.

Dr. Matsui was born in Sado Island (Niigata prefecture) and raised in Yokohama. He graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of Tohoku University in 2009. He joined Department of Psychiatry at Tokyo Women’s Medical University in 2011 and trained to treat people with severe mental disorders.Additionally, since 2012, Dr. Matsui belongs to Yoyogi Sleep Disorder Center to treat a variety of sleep disorders.

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