about Fee

about Medical Fee

● We take Japanese natiocal insurance.               
● When you use the national insurance (30% co-pay), your first visit will cost app. 2500~3000JPY. From second visit, it will be app. 1500JPY.               
● The cost for blood tests and/or medicines will not be included in the cost above.               
● If you wish to take the special medical consultation, it will cost 10,000 JPY for 30min. (The ational insurance not covers it.)               
● By using the special aid(Jiritsu), your coverage will be 0~10%, according to your income and diagnose severalty. It requires you to provide a medical letter from your doctor.

Tips to ease your medical expences

Outline of "Jiritsu Shien" (Jiritsu Shien Iryo)

"Jiristu Shien" is a measure stipulated by Article 5 of the mental health and welfare Law for People with Mental Disorders, to subsidize the medical expenses of peoplw with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, intoxication by psychoactive susbstances and other disorders such as epilepsy, who require a continued outpatient psychiatric treatment.

Treatment applicable to "Jiritsu Shien"

Outpatient psychiatric treatment is medical care without hospitalization for patients with pathological conditions due to mental disorders. Even when the symptoms have largely subsided with considerable improvement, continuous treatment is required to maintain a stable state and to prevent a recurrence. This continued outpatient psychiatric treatment is applicable to "Jiritsu Shien."

(Excerpted from the website of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare  http://www.mhlw.go.jp/bunya/shougaihoken/jiritsu/seishin.html)

For details, please ask our staff or refer to this page.  → jiritsu